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"Booking a lesson"



Lessons can be booked during the following times:


Monday - Friday:

09:30 - 13:30

16:30 - 19:30



10:00 - 12:00


If you want to book a lesson outside of these hours, please contact the trainer.


Rules for Booking


You can book whenever you want and whenever you feel like, even the same day if you find a time that suits you!

To make sure that everyone enjoys the lessons and learning we set up some simple rules that we'd like you to follow:


  • Lesson duration 50 minutes - we think this is the right length of time. We think this is the optimum time to learn and ask questions before your head gets too full of foreign language information. We are never strict with times, this is why people love us. We treat you like you are part of our family.
  • 10 minutes lesson breaks - between each lesson there is a short gap. This permits the trainer some time to prepare for the next lesson. If you have booked a double lesson, this gives the student a break too.
  • Lessons start promptly - both the trainer and student to be available on time.
  • Connectivity - unpredictable connection problems do sometimes occur. This is perfectly understandable. If you cannot hear or see your trainer, request the lesson is terminated. You will be permitted to book a new 1/2 or full lesson depending on when the fault occured - your trainer will give guidance.
  • Emergencies, sudden or unpredictable events - the lesson will be cancelled and the student will be refunded. Other reasons or late cancellation requests will only refund 50% - the easiest method is to reschedule the lesson.
  • Cancelling a lesson - if you need to cancel a lesson, you should give as much time as possible, but at least 24 hours beforehand. This helps the trainers reschedule lessons, allowing your fellow colleagues the opportunity to take advantage of the extra time available. Help each other to be a big international family.
  • Busy times - allow us two working days to set homework that is tailored to each student carefully according to the level of understanding and ability in the language.


    The most important rule


    Enjoy every moment with us. We love you already, just because you are reading this and you understand all the work and effort behind our creation.


How to book


It's really simple.

  • Click on the Schedule page
  • Select a free time available (in 60 minute timeslots) in the calendar (morning, afternoon or evening sessions are displayed)
  • Follow the simple instructions
  • Click on the Payment page
  • Click on the PayPal button and select the option you require to purchase
  • With confirmation of the lesson schedule and payment received your lesson will be booked
  • You will receive communication from a trainer that your lesson is successfully reserved and locked
  • Sit back and relax with a coffee ready to begin your lesson


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