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This is our section for sparkling dishes that will drive you to learn even more about Italy. With this page you will be able to interact with us directly, as if you are in our own kitchen. These recipes are for you to have fun inbetween learning, to taste the Italian atmosphere and culture from afar. We start with the simplist recipes and over time we will add more, growing ever more complex but more delicious with each mouthful.



You will discover the most common and well know recipes and over time we will also introduce you to personal and historic dishes, the sort you will not find in your local Italian restaurant or cookery book. These are HappyDogRecipes! Our variations of the Italian recipes from our own family inventions. These were taught to us from our family; parents and grandparents. We now teach them to you.


We want to introduce you to all the tastes of Italy - you'll soon discover you have an additional taste bud only found by eating Italian food.


You will discover a way to suprise your friends and family with these recipes developed through years and layers of culinary history.



If you want to know more, please contact us, we'll teach you how to make any Italian dish you request.



Italian classical menu


First you must understand the basics of an Italian menu. You will soon be able to navigate yourself around and to eat at any restaurant or trattoria in Italy.


Our trainees know very well what a typical Italian menu is like but here you will learn to read a little of language and discover recipes both old and new whilst you discover how to create these dishes for yourself.



Do you know "portata" means?


It is a course on the Italian menu. We have many courses (MOLTE PORTATE). Let's see all this together


Il classico menu italiano e composto dalle seguenti PORTATE:


  1. ANTIPASTO - introduce il pasto;
  2. Il PRIMO- solitamente una portata a basa di pasta o di riso;
  3. IL SECONDO- una portata a base di carne o di pesce;
  4. IL CONTORNO- spesso insieme al secondo, per esempio un'insalata (basically this will help you to swallow all the above);


Are you full? We have not finished yet...


  1. IL DOLCE - con questo abbiamo finito se non volete la frutta (and...with this we are almost at the end! ^-^)
  2. CAFFE e........LIQUORE!!!


Ragazzi... BUON APPETITO........ mmmmm ottimo e abbondante!





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