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Welcome to HappyDogItalian, your multicultural family and life!



Nice to meet you! My name’s HappyDog as you can guess and I am here to help you!

Happy Puppy Italian

Look into my eyes...look into my eyes....YOU can speak Italian! Does it sound too easy? Difficult to believe? Well, it really is that straightforward.... if YOU follow some simple steps.


My team and I are here to make sure you can learn in the most natural way in this exciting online environment.


To start understanding how let's take a step back in when I was still just a puppy dog (from what I can remember) and when my creator had the idea to invent me.


It was a hot summery day, my mother (Samira Francesca: creator and founder) was in Milano, looking for a quiet place to sit down and consult a precious bilingual dictionary. Looking to find the right words with which to tell my father, before they met at the station, how happy she was learning his language (English) and how much she had learnt in a short time. She had only a couple of minutes to decide and surprise the English man...TIME'S UP!


He was already in front of her, arriving early from the airport directly from London and now.....???


"Hey, I am happy, you know?” she exclaimed.


"Happy? I am happy as well” he answered.


"No, no" she replied, "I am very happy! I can speak English after only three months!!! I am very happy ....when a dog wags its tail! Yes, like a HAPPY DOG!!!"


They laughed loudly at the Milano Centrale station.


She started to think everyone could apply the method she used to help themselves learn a language, even if they are very busy working or caring for their own family....because language is something natural.


She wanted a mascot that could encourage everyone to keep going when it becomes too difficult, to enable everyone to think positively and have the chance to learn amongst thousands of daily commitments!


HappyDog was born!!!


International Crowd



Now it is a small young team made up by the creator-founder Samira Francesca;

Co-founder, developer and designer Morris;

Developer, assistant, supporter and trainer Omar Giorgio


This is a language site for you to learn a new language that you'll never forget

It is a site that will firmly implant your desired language into your head and feel like your native tongue

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