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"The Style"



The most important thing is to enjoy.

Enjoy learning and enjoy the lesson.

Learning a language is fun.

Speaking a language is a natural way to express yourself.

Don't be shy, make mistakes and laugh at them.

It is the best way to learn and a great way to improve quickly.


Our mission is your success

You are trainees, not students.

With us you are part of a family environment, we personally care for each person.

We believe that constant contact with native speakers, who are always available for you, will make you achieve your goals without you even realising, just as you did before with your native language.


We are your personal trainer.

We don't teach you, we make things easier for you, this is our job.

You are constantly guided towards your goal to speak confidently and proficiently.


Did you ever have a personal trainer in a gym? We mean...a good of those that make you sweat because they want you to achieve and get you as fit as you desire? Think of this and you can understand how we do it.



Do you need to buy any materials for studying?

Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooo!


Part of our mission......we know very well how expensive language support can be and we don't like this at all.

We didn't like it when we had to struggle looking for and buying CDs or DVDs that now are like ornamental relics on our bookcase!

So....let's resume....what you need and maybe a pen and paper but we provide the rest!


We take advantage of Skype, Whiteboards, Projectors, Audio, Video and a relaxed fun environment.


Why we are successful, why our trainees are satisified and happy

The creator and founder of Happydog had her first contact with foreign languages in her own family, in fact she was born and raised bilingual. She has been constantly exposed to other languages as fact her father speaks three languages as a native speaker! Her mother is bilingual.

All this gave her the gift to be curious about languages and so, just age 11, she started to read and learn another language alone, as a joke or a childish game under the incredulous eyes of her parents.

Similarly, the developer and trainer Omar started very early to deepen his knowledge in French, which is his paternal language.

So....our trainees become successful when they are curious just like us, becoming part of a natural multicultural family - which you are all welcome to be part of.


Childlike curiosity is our key behaviour

We make sure you "behave" in the right way for learning. When it is about languages our behaviour is very important.


How will you learn?

You will interact with us, through your trainer.

You will be invited to learn in a group, once per month, having the opportunity to participate in a free "themed" meeting - see the Upcoming Events for details.


Does it sound too fantastic? Yes? Well done! It means we are working in the right way, moving in the right direction.


As a personal trainer, Samira Francesca, will encourage and support you from the very beginning right up to your acquisition of advanced language knowledge.


Omar will take you to the Italian theatre, where you will discover secrets, stories and history. Book your ticket and go to the stage with him.


Do you want a relaxed lesson to enhance your Italian vocabulary?

Take a half length lesson! This is useful if you are very busy.


Practise to achieve.

The trainer will guide you during the lessons, along with correcting your homework tasks.

We like to keep the lessons interesting, fun and easy to follow.

You will speak confidently in very little time.


Relax...enjoy the ride

We do not believe in drills, complicated explanations, or forcing you to speak until you are ready.

We always say that one of the most important aspects of language learning is the attitude of the learner.

The other most important thing in language learning is to relax.

When you are learning a language, or improving in a language, you have to relax and eliminate stress.

You will learn to speak Italian in an easy, gradual and natural way.

Through this process you will enjoy your studies.



We are currently working on developing our own book and audio files.

Happydog is made for you who are busy and work all day or maybe have family commitments...


...because it is flexible, it follows you, not the opposite

This is a language site for you to learn a new language that you'll never forget

It is a site that will firmly implant your desired language into your head and feel like your native tongue

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