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Samira Francesca

HappyDog Trainer, Creator and Founder


Skype: HappyDogLanguages



Omar Giorgio

HappyDog Trainer and Theatre Actor


Skype: HappyDogTheatre

Samira Francesca

A native Italian who is fluent in Spanish, English, Arbëreshë (Albanian - native) and French.

She has knowledge of classical languages, Latin and Ancient Greek.

A successful tutor of language and humanities along with being a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Effective tutor to all ages and skill levels, with classroom experience and didactic teaching.

Educated in Law and the legal system.

She lives in both UK and Italy.


A native Italian who has been an actor since the age of fifteen, performing in theatre for various roles as well as writing plays.

He has a strong skill with articulation, especially speaking without an accent.

Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Arbëreshë (Albanian - native).

Studying Languages at University level and attending a theatre academy.

He is an Athelete and has a love for The Beatles.


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Feel free to contact us to begin your trial lesson or to book a course of Italian - whatever the reason. It could be for a holiday, to speak with friends, take a business trip, visit the theatre, maybe you have an interest in history or its delicious food or you simply want to enjoy the challenge of a new language

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